Why Do People End Up With Hip Replacement?

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common reasons for which a person experience a chronic pain and disability and for which he may compel himself to undergo hip replacement, medical experts say. Hip replacement by DePuy Orthopeadic, a unit of Johnson

Understanding Reasons Behind Hip Implant Failure

The failure of metal hip implants has taken patients by surprise because they were led to believe that with an all-metal design the device may last longer, news reports say. The failure of these devices may be caused by a number of different factors.

Is it Easy for a Triathlete to Return Sport After Hip Surgery?

The popularity of triathlon as a sport is rising in every part of the world. One might read news online about thousands of people joining several local and international triathlon races either for fame or a way to keep themselves fit, medical experts

Can Yoga Help Prevent Osteoarthritis Development?

Many people may wonder how and why they are stricken with the debilitating disease of osteoarthritis, medical experts say. Every year the number of men and women suffering from the disease continues to rise. Medical science has yet to come up yet wit

Is there Hope in Preventing Osteoarthritis?

Diseases may be prevented with proper information on its causes and risks factors, medical experts believe, affirming that there are certain illness that have unknown causes. Although there are many kinds of arthritis and some of them are preventable

Do Joint Injuries Lead to Osteoarthritis?

There are many possible reasons for the occurrence of osteoarthritis, health care providers say, indicating that some of those affected remained unsure as to why joint injuries may cause arthritis. Although other risk factors also contribute to the d

Can A Person With DePuy Hip Implant Join Triathlon?

Triathlon is fast becoming very popular worldwide as a sport, medical experts say, rising on the merits of the training over multi-sport deals with several health welfare providers. Because it remains largely an open territory, some hip replacement

Johnson & Johnson Settlement Offers May Cost Them More Than $2 Billion?

DePuy Orthopedics, a unit of Johnson & Johnson, offered to pay$200,000 per settlement case, according to media reports. DePuy is currently facing more than 10,000 lawsuits, which mean it is willing to pay a total of $2 billion to settle the cases. Ho

Kransky’s Allegation Against DePuy Hips Vague, Defense Lawyers Claim

The defense attorney of Johnson & Johnson attacked the allegations of former Montana prison guard Loren Kransky who claimed that his worsening health condition was caused by his defective ASR hip implant, motivating him to undergo revision. Jurors i

Simple Remedies for Hip Pain

Pain the hips are quite common but it may come from a wide variety of medical problems, health experts say. The problems in the hip joint are one reason why there is pain in the hips, according to the Mayo Clinic staff. This may be managed through th