Motor Transport Awards 2019: Here Are Your Winners

The 2019 Motor Transport Awards took place recently and, once again, the event was a great success and was attended by many of the big names in the haulage industry. The evening’s proceedings took place at the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotel, and hos

All About the 2019 Motor Transport Awards: Part One

For over 30 years, Motor Transport has been hosting the aptly named Motor Transport Awards. The purpose of these awards is to honour people and businesses in the logistics industry, such as those who are excelling in some way in their careers in haul

Changes Fast Approaching: Diesel HGVs Could be Banned

With the big push to protect our environment and our industry being one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas production, it is little surprise that changes are afoot. In fact, many changes that will affect the haulage industry have already b

CNG Fuels Plans to Open New Natural Gas Refuelling Stations

Our industry has a chance to set benchmarks when it comes to going green, and there is no way we can shy away from the fundamental environmental issues that need addressing. We are well supported in this and it’s great news that companies such as LCN

Spend Your Apprenticeship Fund Before It’s Too Late

Many haulage businesses across the country are paying an apprenticeship scheme levy, but there are some that aren’t aware that after two years it reverts to the Treasury if not used. Don’t let what your business has paid towards funding go to waste –

Why You Should Purchase a Euro-5 Used Volvo Truck

As of September 2015, all mass-produced vehicles sold in Europe must meet ‘Euro-6’ standards, as part of attempts to significantly reduce the level of pollutants in exhausts. Still, the older Euro-5 standard is not by any stretch obsolete, and many i

The Home Straight: Haulage Industry Preparing for Looming Brexit

Whatever our view on Brexit, and whatever we originally voted for, we can’t deny that the outcome will affect everyone in the UK – and hauliers are no exception. Once Brexit is initiated, many lorry drivers may be barred from crossing into the EU if

Southampton Council Says ‘No’ to the CAZ and ‘Yes’ to Other Green Alternatives

If you work in the haulage industry, you’d have to have been living with your head under a rock not to notice the push to go green. The environment is at the forefront of many people’s minds (and rightly so) and more and more individuals and business

How a Game Aims to End Distracted Driving

There are so many things that are important to those who work in the haulage industry. You want to get along with your boss, you’d like a comfortable and well-equipped lorry and, of course, you’d like good hours and good pay. However, perhaps the mos

Clean Green Haulage Machine: How Electric Vehicle Charging is Becoming More Accessible

It’s no secret that the haulage industry is slowly but surely going green. We’re moving further and further away from the use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources and, as time progresses, more and more businesses are becoming environment