How the Haulage Industry Keeps Britain Moving

The transport sector plays a major role in the UK economy, and anyone considering entering the haulage industry in any role will be pleased to note that, more than just a time-filling or moneymaking job, it can be a fulfilling and meaningful career.

Is Bigger Really Better? The Debate Around Longer Semitrailers

The haulage industry is always changing. It sounds obvious, but it’s true – new technology and environmental and regulatory pressures create strong incentives to innovate. But the sector is so important to the UK economy that all change must be caref

Best Foot Forward: Choosing the Right Footwear in the Haulage Industry

Anyone who works in the haulage industry knows driving for a living is not always easy. Between the long hours, the weeks apart from the family and the pressures of traffic and other road issues, there’s more than enough to stress you out. (Although,

Driver Shortage Solutions: Bringing New Blood to the Industry

The driver shortage is one of the main problems currently faced in the haulage industry, and while there are plenty of reasons why young people are becoming less attracted to jobs in the transport sector, there are just as many advantages and reasons

Keeping the UK Haulage Industry on the Road to Sustainability

The UK Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (CSRF) is attempting to get the haulage industry on the road to sustainability. The Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities, along with organisations in the transport sectors have come together and, with the

New Technology Takes Wheel and Tyre Safety to The Next Level

If you work in the haulage industry, you’re probably very focused on safety. With technologies improving day by day, it comes as no surprise that there’s now yet another new way to make a haulier’s driving experience safer.

Wheely-Safe, a UK technol

FTA Looks for Support on the Black Route

As champions of the UK logistics industry, the FTA (Freight Transport Association) provides a much-needed voice to the government on behalf of the sector. The association carries out vital on-going work that benefits the haulage industry and one of i

Looking for Leadership: Is a London Freight Commissioner on the Way?

Perhaps even more than other sectors of the economy, the haulage industry is always under pressure to innovate. Intense competition means firms can fall behind quickly, while environmental concerns and frequently updated regulations create new incent

An Invaluable Resource: The FTA Guide to Road Transport Law

It’s incredibly important to keep up with and understand the latest regulations and legislation in the haulage industry. But legal changes can be so frequent and precise that it’s hard to wrap your head around all of them. A lot of legislation is als

Will Speed Limiters Soon be Mandatory in the UK?

Those who work in the haulage industry know better than most how much of a problem speeding can be. It’s very rare you can be on the road day-in and day-out and avoid seeing the dangers of going too fast, with life-threatening collisions sadly all to