Using Telematics to Optimise Fleet Safety

Managers in the transport industry have a lot of responsibilities, and one of the most important is keeping their haulage drivers safe. While hauliers themselves are of course responsible for what they do on the road, managers have a lot of power to

The Impact of the Amazon Culture on HGV Drivers

Haulage drivers understand the realities of competitive business pressures more than most. While businesses across all sectors have incentives to adjust and improve practices, hauliers are especially vulnerable to technological and regulatory changes

New Haulage Drivers: Creating Better Driving Habits

Every year, people from all walks of life around the UK begin working as haulage drivers. This career path is an exceptionally exciting one – the travelling to different parts of the country (and even abroad), the time spent cruising down the open ro

New High-Tech Refuelling Bunker at ‘Fechan Truckstop

Haulage drivers in and around Scotland are in luck, because the popular ‘fechan Truckstop has pulled it out of the bag once again, opening a new high-speed, high-tech refuelling bunker. If you’re yet to visit this spot on your rest break, you should

Learning Programme Promotes Optimal Sleep for Haulage Drivers

With the affects of sleep deprivation one of the leading causes of accidents for haulage drivers, the issue is understandably a high profile one. While mandatory rest breaks and highly visible roadside campaigns are going some way to reduce the worry

Time to Gear Up: The 2019 Motor Transport Awards

After the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, Brits, BAFTAs and more, you might be a little bit sick of hearing about awards shows. But there’s at least one more later in the year that haulage drivers should be interested in.

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Certification for Two of SDC’s New Trailer Models

SDC is one of the leading trailer manufacturers in the business, and a familiar name to haulage drivers. Now they’ve released two new models, recently certified to the exacting EN 1264 XL standard. What does this mean? Read on to find out more.