Highways England to Fund Environmental Solutions Submitted by Haulage Companies

Highways England recently launched a competition, asking haulage companies to submit their ideas for environmental solutions that could potentially transform the industry and reduce the impact of haulage on the environment.

This is, of course, a ve

All You Need to Know About the Upcoming FTA Logistics Awards

The FTA Logistics Awards are set to return again this year, with this wonderful evening pencilled into the calendar for October 24th at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge. This is an event run by the industry for the industry, and gives those in the i

Introducing the New Tiny Tracking Devices from Ctrack

There’s a lot to think about when you’re managing haulage companies. With fleets of vehicles working different jobs all over the country and sometimes beyond, you need to make sure you know where your drivers and assets are, where they should be and

Tap into Apps and Improve your Trucker Lifestyle

Workers for haulage companies face a lot of pressures when they’re out on the road. With margins tight and competition strong, avoiding traffic, taking the best routes and finding the right place to stop and rest can mean the difference between succe

What do Haulage Companies need to Know about ULEZ?

ULEZ, or the Ultra Low Emissions Zone, is the new policy introduced in London in April 2019 to help reduce levels of pollution from vehicles. While it is certainly early days, it’s already set to impact an estimated 2.5 million vehicles in the capita

DPD and TfL Join Forces to Plan the Future of Logistics

Most haulage companies understand the importance of flexibility. On top of the standard pressures businesses face, like keeping costs low, the transport sector also deals with a fast-changing regulatory environment, spurred on by ecological concerns.

HMRC Offers a No-Deal Helping Hand to Hauliers

Whatever your views might be on Brexit, uncertainty over the terms of the UK’s departure from the European Union is undoubtedly bad for business across the country. Haulage companies in particular stand to face significant issues. A ‘no-deal’ exit, w

Savvy Saving: Know How to Cut Your Fuel Costs

It can be tough for haulage companies to find ways to scrimp and save, especially if they are large businesses with several trucks on the go at once. If you’re a fleet manager or an owner driver, you’ll know that there are a number of inevitable cost

Changes to the LGV Driver Apprenticeship Encouraged Due to Haulier Shortages

Talented and enthusiastic hauliers are becoming harder to find and it appears that fewer trainees are moving up through the ranks. It’s hoped that changes to the Large Goods Vehicle Driver Apprenticeship could change this by encouraging more youngste

Camera Telematics Finally Launching Street Angel in the UK

Dealing with insurance claims is every logistics manager’s nightmare. The process is especially painful if you’re making do with incomplete or bad information. What should be an open and shut case can drag out, turning into months of tit-for-tat and