Make Allocating Work Easier with TopBox and Courier Exchange

In a sector as fast moving and competitive as the courier industry, efficiency is always key. Businesses need to be able to fill drivers’ time with deliveries, make every journey count, meet client needs – and do it all quickly, simply and profitably

A Haulier’s Guide to Jobs in Germany

Thanks to our freight exchange app, it has become easier and easier for haulage companies to advertise their vehicle capacity. Signing up to a freight exchange to maximise capacity can increase profits all round and is better for the environment as w

Dependable Driving Tips: A Haulier’s Guide to Spain

As a haulier, it’s great when find that perfect job from your online freight exchange: a full load to take out to Spain and another for your return journey. But before you set off, you should make yourself aware of a few rules and safety guidelines

How to Fuel Success in the Haulage Industry

No matter what fuel-saving programmes you put in place, from vehicle maintenance and good driving to employing a freight exchange scheme to reduce unpaid journeys, diesel is still one of the most pressing costs on haulage companies.

While your haula

Optimising Your Fleet for Fuel Efficiency

With fuel prices unstable, and more often than not going up rather than down, its important to make sure that your fleet is running as efficiently as possible.

Whether this means employing a programme of freight exchange to ensure that your truc