Europeans Launch Deep Sea Research for Cures to Osteoporosis, Other Ailments

The European research project called “BlueGenics” has been launched, focusing on its search for cures to osteoporosis and other common human diseases using substances found in the deep sea, medical news sources say. The research group seeks to obtain

Education Instruction Reduces Bone Loss, Increases Calcium Intake, Recent Study Says

A recent study has found that educational intervention is effective at increasing elderly men and women’s calcium intake and retarding bone loss, citing evidence presented by medical experts from the National Institute of Nutrition in Hanoi. The rese

New Estrogen Treatment Brings Hope of Hormonal Balance to Postmenopausal Women

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have devised a new technique using hormone therapy promising hormonal balance benefits to millions of postmenopausal women worldwide. This systematic procedure is reputed to be effective in treating m

Common Inflammatory Bowel Disorders Raise Osteoporosis Risk, New Study Shows

Research teams from the university hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland, have discovered that young people with inflammatory bowel diseases had lower bone mass and poorer bone density compared to healthy people of similar age, as was uncover

Recent IOF Review Examines Role of Nutrition for Sarcopenia

The International Osteoporosis Foundation Nutrition Work Group has published a new review that seeks to determine the nutritional factors that are associated with building and maintaining muscle mass and the factors that lower it. This finding was me

Researchers Report Innovative Dental Implants for Bone-deficient Patients

A new, highly innovative, biodegradable implant has been developed, allowing bone-deficient men and women to get dental implants, news sources say. This technological breakthrough may provide benefits for people who suffer from osteoporosis and side

Excessive Calcium Supplementation Poses Risk to Men’s Heart Health

Men who take calcium supplementation in the form of pills may put their heart health at risk, medical experts say quoting recent findings in studying bone health have discovered. For years there has been some descriptionion within the medical communi

Long-Acting Opioids May Cause Osteoporosis in Men

Long-acting opioids or pain killer medications have been found to cause low-testosterone levels, thereby posing a greater risk of causing osteoporosis in men, medical experts say quoting recent study findings. Scientists believe that long-acting opio

New Method to Generate Bone Cells, New Research Suggests

A new method for creating bone cells has been discovered by Southampton scientists, news sources claim, providing a glimpse of new insights which may lead to revolutionary methods of bone replacement therapies for people with bone fractures or hip re

New Study Suggests Hip Fracture Rates May be Reduced with Calcium, Vitamin D

Calcium and vitamin D supplements have the potential to drastically slash hip fracture rates down among women, medical experts claim, quoting a recent study released by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI). The researchers’ latest findings may offer s