PDF to Flash Magazine software, AllForHandy

Having a problem on how to put your PDF files in your powerpoint presentation? Do not worry anymore because we have a solution for that. There is a website that can convert your PDF files for you to use them in different ways. www.emagmaker.com has

Improving Mobile Reader Experience with Apple Technology

It goes without saying that the latest Kindle readers are not the only way to read the hottest eBook on the market. Not too long ago, a major publisher signed a deal with Scrollmotion (New York Mobile App Developer). This app allows consumers to down

Which Areas Does the 3D PageFlip Software Serve?

The 3D PageFlip software serves several areas as more than half its users are either e-book, online magazine business publishers, photographers, web designers, and so on. For instance, you may be in the process of putting together a mini catalog to h