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The Business of Indie Games Virtual Summit (how to thrive in the strategy, finance and marketing of video games) returns on Thursday 20th August 2020 The FREE “Best-of-the-Best” Rerun Summit features interviews with 70+ top experts from the video games industry. Deepdive Online Limited today announced that it will be…

Advice About How to Finance Real Estate Using Partners

Early in 2013, deal site guru Brad Wilson made headlines by racking up 4 million frequent flyer miles without spending a dime. What he did was genius: he used his rewards credit card to buy dollar coins. The US Mint ran a promotion where they sold co

Car Finance – What You Should Know About Dealer Finance

Car finance has become big business. A huge number of new and used car buyers in the UK are making their vehicle purchase on finance of some sort. It might be in the form of a bank loan, finance from the dealership, leasing, credit card, the trusty ‘

Federal Court Could Take On Seminal Securities Case

Oil giant Halliburton Co has requested that the Supreme Court review a crucial securities case, Erica P. John Fund v. Halliburton. To clarify, The Fund is an official shareholder of Halliburton. The EPJ years of litigation with Halliburton is predica

The Marketplace Fairness Act: Fair of Unfair?

Back in Summer of this year, MFA: the “Marketplace Fairness Act” was passed by U.S. Policymakers by a 69-27 bipartisan vote. The act would allow states to enact laws that force retailers to collect sales tax for their operative state, regardless o

Why Twenty-Somethings Need Stronger Budgeting Skills

If you just graduated and have gotten your first serious job, you may think it is quite soon to start being concerned with saving and investing what little money you have. That really couldn’t be farther from the actual truth. Regardless of how you a