7322Earrings designs for everyone

There are many different types of earrings to be found in the shops and these could be anything from a simply gold hoop to elaborate chandelier designs that has been handmade from shinning beads like crystals and polished jet.

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7322Handmade jewellery crafted from crystals and semi-precious stones.

As a woman we choose to wear pieces of handmade semi-precious gemstone jewellery for many reasons the main one being its beauty. They can also be worn for the magical quality’s they are said to posses.
We can wear these pieces of unique and original

Woo your Man with an Extraordinary Jewelry Gift

Woo your Man with an Extraordinary Jewelry Gift

7579Choosing handmade earrings to compliment the shape of your face.

When we use pieces of handmade jewellery like earrings as accessory’s we want to make sure that they compliment us and enhance our looks not do the opposite. This is very important with earrings as these always draw attention to your face.

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