Kransky’s Allegation Against DePuy Hips Vague, Defense Lawyers Claim

The defense attorney of Johnson & Johnson attacked the allegations of former Montana prison guard Loren Kransky who claimed that his worsening health condition was caused by his defective ASR hip implant, motivating him to undergo revision. Jurors i

Simple Remedies for Hip Pain

Pain the hips are quite common but it may come from a wide variety of medical problems, health experts say. The problems in the hip joint are one reason why there is pain in the hips, according to the Mayo Clinic staff. This may be managed through th

Choosing Between Cemented, Uncemented Hip Prosthesis

It is often difficult to go about the daily activities because of the pain in the hips, health survey shows, but going through a hip replacement operation may be a way to decrease the pain and increase the mobility. Patients may have a cemented or ce

Risks and Complications of Hip Replacement Procedures

Men and women who suffer from hip pain may think of getting their diseased hips replace to avoid the recurring pain, health surveys show. There are about 332,000 hip replacements that are performed in the United States alone, according to the data fr