Revisiting the Times of the DePuy Hip Recall

DePuy Orthopaedics, a unit of Johnson and Johnson, manufactured two of its hip replacement to cater to the needs of those people suffering from unbearable joint pains on the hip, medical experts say. Nowadays, not only aging people are suffering from

How Much DePuy Settlement Is Worth?

DePuy Orthopedics, a unit of Johnson and Johnson, in 2010 made a voluntarily recall on its hip replacement devices after receiving thousands of complains for being defective, experts says. At present, DePuy Orthopedics is facing about 8,000 lawsuits

Understanding Metallosis and Its Dangerous Effects

One of the most serious and dangerous effects of metal-on-metal hip replacement, such as those of DePuy Orthopedics ( a unit of Johnson and Johnson), is metallosis, medical experts say. A primary product of DePuy, ASR hip System, was recalled in 2010

How Much is DePuy Willing to Pay in Case Settlements?

The DePuy Orthopeadic, a unit of Johnson and Johnson, is facing about 8,000 lawsuits over hip implants it had recalled in 2010, medical experts say. Because of this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closes loophole with new restriction on metal

How to Recognize First Signs, Symptoms of Hip Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is rapidly taking an increasing role as one of the most common causes of physical disability among adults, health experts say, adding that over 40 million people in the United States are living with the joint disorder. Also known as d

Why Do People End Up With Hip Replacement?

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common reasons for which a person experience a chronic pain and disability and for which he may compel himself to undergo hip replacement, medical experts say. Hip replacement by DePuy Orthopeadic, a unit of Johnson

How to Cope with Hip Osteoarthritis in Four Easy Ways

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is the most common form of arthritis that has been reported as the major cause of chronic disability in nearly 27 million people in the United States, government statistics reports. It is a progr

How Does Successful Hip Replacement Surgery Works?

When a person runs into a hip fracture or experiences severe pain in the hip due to hip joint caused by osteoarthritis that impedes his movement and affects his quality of life, doctors usually advises the person to undergo hip replacement surgery to

Kransky’s Allegation Against DePuy Hips Vague, Defense Lawyers Claim

The defense attorney of Johnson & Johnson attacked the allegations of former Montana prison guard Loren Kransky who claimed that his worsening health condition was caused by his defective ASR hip implant, motivating him to undergo revision. Jurors i

Simple Remedies for Hip Pain

Pain the hips are quite common but it may come from a wide variety of medical problems, health experts say. The problems in the hip joint are one reason why there is pain in the hips, according to the Mayo Clinic staff. This may be managed through th