Aaargh! Jock Itch Gets in the Way of Cycling

Jock itch is a pain in the manhood for many men, whether they are jocks or couch potatoes or something in between. But this common…

Loss of Sensitivity and Other Male Organ Problems from Cycling: How to Avoid Long-term Damage

Cycling is an excellent way to stay healthy, exercising muscles and providing aerobic benefits at the same time, as well as giving a person opportunity to enjoy fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine when riding outdoors. But as many men know, there can

Is Male Organ Sensitivity Impacted by Cycling? What Men Need to Know

Male organ sensitivity is one of the more important aspects of male organ health. In many ways, it’s a delicate balance. When male organ sensitivity is too keen, it can bring about issues such as early on intense point. But on the other hand, when

Where To Go For Cycling Training Camps

Recent British successes in competitive cycling, including eight gold medals at the 2012 London Olympics and two successive winners of the Tour de France, have pushed cycling to the forefront of British sport. This has raised awareness and interest t