Simplifying ‘Making Tax Digital’ with Courier Exchange

One of the most important things fleet managers need to keep in mind when running a business is being able to understand and comply with government regulations. While rules and requirements often change, penalties for noncompliance can be very severe

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Logistics Manager?

Thinking about taking your career in the delivery industry onwards and upwards? If you’ve ever considered whether you might be suited to a management role within a courier network, there are numerous qualities an effective logistics manager would be

London’s ULEZ Already Showing Some Impressive Results

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was first launched in early April this year, and has so far led to some impressive improvements. Those in the courier network and others in the transport sector will be pleased to hear the great news that 74% o

An Overview of the 2019 Microlise Transport Conference

This year’s Microlise Transport Conference was held on 15th May and, true to form, was another successful event. A free one-day event open to anyone involved in the road transport industry, the conference offered an excellent opportunity for attendee

Fast Track to Success: The Benefits of Offering Fast Delivery Services

In today’s fast paced retail world when everyone wants what they want NOW, waiting is not an option, and being able to provide a same day delivery service makes you an attractive prospect for a customer or client. Why though is offering a same day se

New Recruitment Strategies Needed for the Courier Network

Technological advancements, increased industry competition and a general lack of interest are all factors that have contributed to the national UK courier network experiencing a driver shortage, but just what is being done to tackle this? Read on to

How Proper Tyre Maintenance Can Improve your Fleet’s Safety

With all the issues you face managing a courier network, it can be easy for the basics of vehicle maintenance to slip to the back of your mind, and tempting to wait until a problem presents itself before taking action to fix it.

Don’t fall into this

Going Green: London’s First 24-Hour ULEZ

Pollution is a huge problem in our capital city, with London experiencing a toxic air health crisis that is accounting for thousands of unnecessary deaths and extensive health problems every year.

It is really positive news then that the most string

How London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Could Affect Your Business

There couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be a delivery business in the UK that doesn’t know about the impending implications of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). How it affects operators will depend on a range of factors, including the size of their flee

New Van Market Growth: A Sign of a Flourishing Courier Industry

This January, the market for new light commercial vehicles (LCVs) has increased by 8.6%. Compared to January 2018, this is quite significant, with 22,000 new vans and pick-ups being registered (an uplift of 1,761).

Since last year, all sectors have