Training and Technology: Create the Optimum Courier Fleet

If your job entails managing a fleet of courier drivers, the task of running a safe, efficient and sustainable operation is, at times, a very delicate balance. Not only will you be responsible for the day-to-day administrative aspects of the business

New HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates: How Will it Affect your Fleet?

Courier drivers and fleet managers alike know how important it is to keep an eye on fuel costs. And this isn’t just true when it comes to buying it at the pump. Employees must expense the company for anything spent on business-related travel, while e

The Industry Knock-on Effects of Rising Fuel Costs

Courier drivers face many problems, but the rising cost of fuel is a recurring issue causing knock-on effects year after year. Due to the ever-increasing prices, some delivery companies are forced to make drastic changes, resulting in drivers being o

How the Rise of the Gig Economy Has Changed the Face of Courier Insurance

The buzz phrase on everyone’s lips at the moment is ‘gig economy’. No industry is feeling the effects of the trend towards temporary and short-term engagements more so than the delivery industry. There are plenty of positive aspects for a couri

31202Keep it Real in the Rain: Wet Weather Considerations for Courier Drivers

Anyone in charge of a vehicle in therain should alter their driving behaviour to suit the wet conditions. However, for courier drivers, paying attention to the road conditions is even more important. As couriers drive larger vehicles than many on the