How Normal Is Your Menstrual Cycle?

Many women are not sure if they have a normal cycle or not when it comes to their menstruation, obstetricians and gynecologists say. It may seem confusing for some when their menstrual period changes from time to time. It might seem hard to understan

Is Stroke High Risk Among Women Taking Estrogen Plus Progestin?

There is a wide variety of birth control that women may choose from, health care workers say, emphasizing that the use of hormones for pregnancy prevention stands out. Hormones are naturally made by the body but there are still several risks in using

Religious Groups Protest Against the Birth Control Mandate

ObamaCare, the elaborate health reform law that promises affordable and attainable health care for all, is being bombarded by several controversies surrounding the legislation, medical industry observers say. According to several news reports, differ

How Effective Are Vaginal Rings?

The small, thin plastic ring that is used to prevent pregnancy has been regarded by many women as convenient and easy to use, according to health care providers. The relatively low failure rate of the vaginal ring has made it more alluring for women.