Understanding Credit Card Fees

Not all credit cards are created equal. Some cards charge more/higher fees than others. But, how do you know what companies charge what fees? Each credit card application includes what is called an “agreement.” This agreement contains a secti

What to Do if Your Credit Card is Stolen: Five Easy Steps

Discovering that your credit card or credit card number has been stolen is certainly one of lifes less than pleasant experiences. Fortunately, even if this does happen to you, these five simple steps can ensure that you are protected. # 1: Call t

How to Manage Your Credit Cards to Improve Your Credit Rating

Are you thinking about getting a car or buying your first home? Theres a lot to consider: How much do you have to put down? Where will you go for a long? How much can you afford to pay on a monthly basis with all additional costs considered (i

Sneaky Tactics Credit Card Companies Dont Want You to Know About

Credit cards are in the business of making money big money. While most of these corporations are already massively wealthy, many use sneaky tactics to get a little bit of extra cash from their customers. The following sneaky tactics can be costin

The Perks of the 800+ Credit Score Club

Generally, people who have a credit score of around 780 get most of the same benefits as those whose score exceeds 800. Nevertheless, many people like to strive for perfection, and there are certainly many benefits associated with having a near-perfe

Tips for Using Your Credit Card Wisely

Credit cards provide great convenience to consumers, but they do so at a price. Before you sign up for that first credit card or pull an existing one out of your wallet, it is important to prepare your budget plan and make sure you can keep your spen

Top Ways To Stay Out Of Credit Card Debt

Having credit can be a blessing and a curse. Credit can help you get the things that you would not normally be able to afford. However, credit can also load you up with more debt than you may be able to handle. If you do decide to buy things on credi