25166Car Insurance When Buying a Used Car in New York

Car Insurance When Buying a Used Car in New York

Deciding upon The right Insurance Agent

Personality from the Insurance Agent

Have conversations with prospective agents. Explain your situation and ask for any quote. Basically asking does not mean you must function with them. This is a possibility for you to acquire a really feel for h

20 Things You Need Before Shopping For Car Insurance

What do you need to keep ready before you go shopping for auto insurance? Insurance agents and companies require quite a bit of information about you and your vehicle before they can guide you about the kind of cover you need, evaluate the premium t

Five Commonly Misunderstood Car Insurance Terms

Your lender or state requirements will sometimes determine the type of car insurance coverage you purchase. It is important to know the type of insurance you need to purchase to meet lender or state requirements, but at times the terms can be downrig

Car Insurance: Useful Tips for Younger Drivers

Car insurance can be a costly necessity for younger drivers. Since young people tend to be involved in more expensive accidents at a more regular rate, insurance companies deem it wise to charge more when someone under the age of 25 is looking for co

7 Car Insurance Myths You Should Never Fall For

You might be surprised at how many car insurance myths are out there. Worse yet, youve probably fallen for at least one of them. Check these out.

1. Thieves dont want old cars.

If youre betting that your vehicle wont be stolen, dont

How Do Car Insurance Companies Determine Rates?

When you shop for car insurance coverage, you will likely notice that different companies charge different rates for the same coverages and limits. You might also notice that your rates are substantially higher than those of your co-workers and frien