Standing on the vent of the 5G+ blockchain


(29th June, 2019): With the advent of the 5G era, the transmission speed has been greatly improved. With the launch of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, new technologies such as artificial i

The Power of BlockChain For the Agro Sector, as Presented by AgroExchange

For The Sake Of Contributing To Worldwide Blockchain Adoption, The AgroExchange Platform Is Now Obtainable For Use At

Agrocoins, substantially like the well-known Bitcoins, are credits which can be used on a P2P platform, allowing peo

Token Economies – How They Work

The evolution of information technology has brought us new networks that began with the rise of personal computers and gained quick popularity with the World Wide Web making them a tool for communication that has changed the way we live with others a

Beyond Bitcoin: Use Cases for Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is changing the world, and, properly used, it will have profoundly positive effects on the world as we know it. There are many more uses for the Blockchain other than the Bitcoin application, and these uses will prove themselves

UNCHAINET Platform Seamlessly Connects People with Available Decentralized Computing Resources and Clients


There is a growing need for computing resources in our current technological environment. The trend is the use of cloud based platforms as they come with tons of advantages. Unchainet is a new player in this field. It brings an

AITCA Private Blockchain Platform App Available on Windows and Windows App Store 5/3/2018

(April 28, 2018) – AITCA is defined as Artificial Intelligence Technology Cryptocurrency Assets. AITCA offers an open source decentralized platform for the creation of private/public blockchains. Nowadays, many organizations wish to gain access to

Gold Medal Star Blockchain to use Singular DTV Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency for Rewards Program


COLUMBUS, OH (January 26, 2019) – A KickIn Crowd, LLC (AKC), formerly a crowdfunding company and holding company, announced plans to unveil it’s new cryptocurrency, Gold Medal Star Token (GOLDMS), a Wellness, Health and Fitne

Importance of Tech News

We’re living inside a technologies driven society. Within this society, we ought to hold us updated with all the newest technological inventions. We should attempt our ideal to acquire the latest tools, gadgets and software program to execute numerou