Summer Self-stimulation Strategies

The hot days of summer are on their way, which means that there will be plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like baseball, swimming and grilling. Of course, there are still plenty of indoor activities to indulge in during the summer, including self-stimulation. As guys know, solo play is an all-season sport, but sometimes some new strategies are necessary for the summer months.

•Beat the heat. Summer and heat go hand-in-hand, so when a guy has his member in hand during the summer months, he needs to remember that hot weather can have an effect on all activities – including self-administered ones. Staying hydrated is always important, but especially during the summer. And many self-stimulation enthusiasts enjoy a long, extended session, sometimes lasting for an hour or longer. It pays to keep some water at hand and to re-hydrate during edging or other lengthy solo experiences.

•Remember the windows. Many men really like to get vocal when they are getting busy, punctuating their sessions with uninhibited moaning or dirty talk. There’s nothing wrong with this, and indeed many experts encourage people to be uninhibited during their solo sessions. But often during the summer, people keep their windows open to allow cooler air into the house. If it’s possible to close the windows and use an air conditioner while self-gratifying, that may be a better course than letting your neighbors eavesdrop on your solo playtime. But if that’s not an option, definitely keep the windows open so that the heat doesn’t become overwhelming – and either keep down the noise or be prepared to get some interesting looks from the folks next door.

•Use the fans. Fans are a great way to help stay cool during the summer, and they can sometimes add a new dimension to one’s self-stimulation. If a guy has a small fan, he may want to put it on the floor and point it up at his tool while he gets it on. The air blowing on the area will both help cool it down and offer a tingling sensation that many men find exciting.

•Be careful in Nature. Summer often means going camping or communing with other people outdoors in a natural setting. Lots of men find the fresh outdoor air to be especially stimulating and enjoy playing in such situations. Doing so while actually out in the open can be very risky, so if a guy feels he wants to do this, he should find a secluded spot and be prepared to cover up if someone comes by. He also needs to be sure to watch out for things like poison ivy; the last thing he wants is to be spreading calamine lotion all over an itchy manhood. Doing it in a tent is a much safer bet (if one is alone or with a friend or partner who is also open to self-stimulation), but some caution is due here as well. If playing at night, turn off the lights – otherwise a guy may be putting on an interesting shadow play for other campers. And remember that noises carry farther in the quiet of the woods, so keep the moaning down a bit.

Self-stimulation during the summer is a lot of fun – just as it is during winter, spring and fall. But it can lead to a raw, de-sensitized member if a guy is too aggressive, so he needs to regularly use a superior male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Rubbing the manhood raw can lead to loss of sensation, so the best crème needs to have L-carnitine. This neuroprotective ingredient helps prevent diminishment of sensitivity due to overuse. The crème should also include moisturizers like shea butter and vitamin E, which can help soothe a rubbed-raw member.

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Author: John Dugan