Stay In Shape With Lightweight Running Shoes

If you are a runner, you know what a difference the weight of your running shoe can have on your performance and fatigue level at the end of a long run. When you run in shoes that are heavy, every step uses more energy to lift the weight of the shoe off the ground and propel your body forward. Add up the steps in a 5mile run and that is a significant amount of extra energy expended. If you are running in lightweight running shoes, you will notice the difference not only in long runs but any time you wear them for your exercise routine.

Lightweight running shoes have some other benefits that may not be readily apparent when you first start wearing them, but over time, you will notice some things that have changed in the way you run. This will make running more pleasurable and less likely to cause injuries that can sideline a running fitness routine. When you run in lightweight running shoes, you tend to develop a more efficient stride because your feet are more in tune to the sensory information that they are receiving from the surface you are running on. The lightweight running shoes give your feet a more natural posture and movement when they are unrestricted by heavier, more rigid running shoes so they move the way they were designed to when running, keeping your legs and spine in proper alignment that prevents injuries caused by bad form. This is something that most runners do not even realize was happening until it doesn’t happen anymore and their form is improved. They feel more comfortable with a more natural stride and their leg muscles get stronger because of it.

If you have ever tried a running program and gotten discouraged and given up because your feet and ankles hurt, you may have just had the wrong shoes. It takes a tremendous amount of determination to keep at something that causes you pain and discomfort every time you do it. Granted there is the pain of getting into shape that most people can endure with the thought that it will get better as you achieve higher levels of fitness but the pain that doesn’t get better from running without lightweight running shoes is not something most people will bear for any length of time and it can be the cause of a running fitness routine being tossed out the window.

If you want to make running part of your regular fitness routine, invest in a good pair of lightweight running shoes to help insure that your feet will be comfortable and that you will stick with the program long enough to see the benefits that any good fitness program will have, such as weight loss, lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular fitness, better sleep patterns and improved quality of life overall. If you can achieve these benefits with such simple things as lightweight running shoes as the only equipment you need, you will have found an efficient and healthy way to get into and stay in top physical form.

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