Start Your Morning Off Right With The Best Kona Coffee

About 54 percent of American adults over the age of 18 years drink coffee everyday. The average cup size is about 9 ounces. Close to 65 percent of people prefer to drink their coffee in the morning. The caffeine in the drink helps alert your brain and prepares you for a hectic day ahead. There are many different types of coffees in the market today. The major difference lies in the type of bean used to make the coffee. It varies depending of the plant species, cultivation methods and the area of cultivation. Your gourmet coffee drink many also contain other ingredients such as chocolate and syrups.

Kona is popular variety of coffee. It is grown in the Kona district of Hawaii’s big island. The region is famous for active volcanoes and tropical beaches. The rich soil and the warm climate contribute the special flavor of the Kona coffee. The beans are usually harvested between September and February, and the coffee is processed thereafter. It provides a full-bodied taste which is perfect for the morning. Recent scientific studies have also revealed other benefits of Kona coffee.

It can significantly lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes.
Best Kona coffee and even other generic brands can lower your risk of Parkinson’s disease as well. The more coffee you drink, the better off you will be.
Kona coffee is rich in antioxidants. These chemicals neutralize the free radicals formed in your body as a result of various metabolic activities. Active free radicals can interact with the DNA and proteins of your cells to cause serious illnesses such as heart disease and certain types of cancers.

Many small and big farms have been growing best Kona coffee since the 1800s. The production of this variety is more labor intensive when compared to some of the other varieties of coffee in the world. The farmers meticulously handpick only the ripe coffee cherries from the plant several times during the harvest season. Only the fully ripe fruits and mature seeds result in the production of best Kona coffee. The cherries are processed and converted into beans by the process of fermentation. The beans are sun-dried on large decks. They are mixed regularly to ensure uniform drying. The outer cover of the beans are removed with the help of large machines and the beans are roasted at the farms or at professional farming companies to develop the best Kona coffee flavor.

Best Kona coffee is sold at many retail and online stores across the country. Check the packaging and talk to the sales staff to ensure that the product is authentic and 100 percent pure. You may also go online to read reviews and establish the quality of products offered by the manufacturer and merchant. Always buy a small pack first. You can buy larger packs once you are sure of the quality of the product. Best Kona coffee will help you enjoy your morning coffee to the fullest extent. With little patience, your will find best Kona coffee at a great price.

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