Spectrum – the Best Sound Dampening Paint

Cape Town, South Africa – Spectrum is a high quality water-based coat type noise and resonance reducer, which can be used as sound dampening paint. Spectrum is used to cover sheet metal, which is located behind the under-board upholstery of a car.

There’s no question that when it comes to the modern-day cars, the first thing that crosses mind is the highest level of comfort along with the exception functioning of motor vehicle and its reliability. Therefore, acquiring a brand new car all of us expect getting these aspects, while enjoying a perfect ride.

However, in the course of time, even if we have no questions to car functioning, we can mention some changes in our driving experience, which are usually associated with newly appeared noise and vibration. This noise can be quite frustrating and even annoying. As a rule, it comes from the road behind your vehicle and particularly rasping surface. In such a way, when you start driving, your whole car begins to produce a drumming noise, which spoils the entire driving experience. Being confronted with such a problem, most drivers say that they’ve bought a car that purred like a kitten, but turned out to be a beast.

Those car owners, who are concerned about how they can get rid of the frustrating roar, which accompanies them through the entire ride can rely on Spectrum. Using this sound dampening spray or paint, you they greatly reduce the car noise and resonance, whether it comes from car engine or rasping surface of the road. In such a way, you’ll be able to enjoy a soft and smooth drive, eliminating any unwanted noise.

The amazing qualities of Spectrum can be explained by its unique formula, which is intended to provide the sheet metal with a special, cryogenic activated polymer mesh. This mesh serves as an intense heat barrier, providing noise and resonance reduction, and thus, offering excellent driving experience, which is similar to high-end luxury car ride. Just a single coating of spectrum is enough to get a significant reduction in noise and vibration.

About Second Skin:

Second Skin is the right destination to buy the high quality automotive insulation, including vibration dampers, noise barriers, thermal insulation, and tools. Second Skin offers a great range of automotive sound dampening products, the most remarkable of which is Spectrum, designed to improve the overall driving experience as well as to meet the driver’s needs, while reducing vehicle noise and resonance.

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