Specialties Of A Shoulder Surgeon

Orthopedic surgery can be divided into many specialized units. One of the most complex procedures performed by any experienced surgeon involves the shoulder. Considered to be a fickle and difficult part of the human anatomy to work with, there are many procedures that can be performed to rehabilitate a shoulder correctly. The next few paragraphs will attempt to explain some of these methods.

The shoulder can be considered a complex and unstable joint in the body. That is because so many different tendons and muscles make up one particular area of the body. Three bones and a myriad of other ligaments control this complex component of anatomy.

Frequently Performed Procedures

Two common injuries include shoulder dislocation and shoulder separation. Both surgeries require the assistance of metallic screws and rods to be places in the shoulder joint for proper repair. The joint can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to fully recover including the healing of the bone.

Tendonitis and Bursitis are common shoulder procedures to be performed by a shoulder surgeon. Tendonitis is the inflammation of muscle fibers that can cause great pain and discomfort. A good shoulder surgeon will use anti-inflammatory drugs before opting for invasive surgery. In extreme cases acromioplasty can be used to reduce bone and tendon tension.

Bursitis is an inflammation of a particular joint or bursa in the shoulder. The best option for relieving pain is to alleviate the pressure or in extreme cases, surgically removing an infected area.

Arthritis and Rotator Cuffs

Former athletes and dancers frequent shoulder surgeons for these types of injuries. Arthritis can generally be treated with physical therapy and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However in extreme cases orthopedic surgery is needed. Some severe cases of arthritis require the total or partial replacement of the shoulder area. These can include a shoulder surgeon using top rated titanium rods to replace the bone and polyethylene to replace the ball and socket of the joint.

Most shoulder surgeons avoid invasive surgery on the shoulder and only do so on necessary occasions. Some surgeries can lead to further exasperation of the shoulder group. Tears in the rotator cuff are the most common ailment. This can also be repaired through common surgical techniques.

Choosing the right doctor

Selecting the right shoulder surgeon can be an intimidating task. However with the use of the internet, a board certified surgeon can easily be found. Choose a doctor with established credentials and who advises the use of medicinal remedies and therapy before invasive surgery is considered. Scientific studies show patients respond better to treatment when a doctor has a positive bedside manner. Be cognizant of any patient complaints by doing a thorough Google search. Most patients are eager to express if theyve had a good or bad experience with a shoulder surgeon.

Shoulder surgeons are a dedicated group of specialist in the field of orthopedic medicine. The types of procedures that can be performed are effectively life changing and saving. These surgeries are serious and should only be done after all other attempts for therapy have been exhausted.

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