Small Group Culinary Tour – Sabato Recipe

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I strongly believe that there is no better way to improve your skills in the kitchen than to immerse yourself in a gourmet cooking environment and by experiencing different cultures. Nestled within the Tuscan and Umbrian hills you will find Molino di Bordone, which is home to our excellent gourmet cooking holiday. Here you will learn skills, techniques and many aspects of refined cuisine from professional chefs in a traditional Tuscan country kitchen. This will arm you with the knowledge and confidence to branch out at home and amaze your dinner party guests!

In addition to embarking on a Tuscan culinary adventure under the tutelage of professional chefs, we also provide the opportunity to indulge in gourmet food and fine wine, visit fabulous vineyards, explore enchanting medieval hill towns and soak up the famed Tuscan culture. Our small group tours of Italy are also a great chance to meet, learn alongside and travel with like-minded people.

The mouth-watering cooking class menu is varied, daring and impressive. As a taster for what to expect, here is an example of the Saturday menu.

The Menu for ‘Sabato’ (Saturday in Italian)

To start off the meal on the Saturday, the group will be shown how to prepare the following Tuscan dishes under the guidance of a dedicated chef.


The antipasto, “Vegetables in Pinzimonio”, will consist of celery stalks and carrot sticks which are served with infused oil for dipping.


Next to be prepared is “Risotto ai funghi porcini” (wild porcini mushroom risotto).

Porcini and fresh mushrooms are soaked, dried and sliced before being added to a large pan with butter. Parsley is added soon after, and then the mixture is removed. Broth and the water from the mushrooms are poured into a pan and the onion is added. After coating the risotto rice in butter, simmering stock is added and stirred over a low heat until it is absorbed. More stock is added and it is cooked until creamy. The mushrooms are then mixed in well and finally butter and parmesan is stirred in until the mixture has become very creamy.


The impressive and delicious “Baked guinea-fowl in salt crust” is a fantastic main dish that the group will be walked through.

After cleaning, the guinea-fowl is prepared by putting garlic, rosemary, sage, oil and pepper inside. Egg whites and salt are mixed in a bowl and used to cover the exterior of the bird after it has been covered in olive oil. It is then baked, cut into pieces and accompanied with roast potatoes and onions.


The meal concludes with delicious “white and dark chocolate mousse”. The ingredients include white and dark chocolate, egg yolks, whipped cream, icing sugar and liqueur. It is prepared by melting the chocolate in bain-marie and stirred until a smooth liquid. The cream is whipped and the yolks, liqueur and chocolate are mixed together. The cream is folded in with a spatula and it is left to cool in the fridge. The same procedure is used for both white and dark chocolate.

This is just a small example of what you will learn on this fun, challenging and immensely rewarding gourmet cooking holiday. No place is better to learn, taste and experience refined Italian cuisine than Tuscany and I can guarantee this culinary adventure will forever change your approach to fine food and wine. Join us on one of our small group tours of Italy and you might just go home cooking like a Tuscan local!

Antonio Nobile is Tour Operator & Researcher at Caspin Journeys, a specialist provider of small group tours of Italy, England and Spain. Following in the footsteps of the company founders Pino and Caroline, he has exceptional insider knowledge and a personal devotion to all the tours he organises.

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