Skin disease that cause hair loss

Hair loss at any age can be quite devastating because it affects a persons self esteem. It is important to look for proper treatment but most of all to know that causes of hair loss. One common cause is skin diseases that you need to seek treatment for if you are going to avoid hair loss. Anyone experiencing hair loss should know that in most cases it caused by skin diseases and infection which can cause hair to fall off.

Some examples of skin diseases that cause hair loss include:

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease of the skin that is characterized by hair loss that happens in circular patches on a persons scalp. Medical science may not yet be clear on all the causes of this condition but is suspected that there is a convergence of emotional and other factors as well as heredity.
Treatment: The treatment of hair loss caused by alopecia areata normally includes the stimulation of hair growth by use of steroids directly to those areas that are affected. However, this treatment is normally not recommended for large body areas. The other common type of treatment is the use of alternative medicine and other forms of treatments such as ultra violet therapy.


The other common skin disease that causes hair loss is psoriasis which is also an autoimmune disease and which cause hair loss in temporary terms. There are different treatment methods for this condition and your doctor could recommend the use of medications or some form of laser therapy.

Treatment: There are simple common things a person can do in order to take charge over psoriasis which include the following: Getting medical treatment for the scalp as opposed trying to treat the hair, brushing the hair gently after shampooing it, changing your shampoo and using a gentle non medicated one, using a gentle non medicated conditioner every time after shampooing your hair and avoidance of hair styling products and blow dryers
Seborrheic alopecia
The other skin disease that causes hair loss is due to the over activity of the skins sebaceous glands such that the skin becomes completely greasy. Some of the causes of this strange condition are said to include environmental pollution, vitamin deficiency, internal factors such as excessive stress and many others. Seborrheic alopecia can cause hair to shed off and the effect can be seen for quite sometime. Treatment for this skin disease can be done using aloe vera as well as a number of other treatments that can be used in massaging the scalp such as herbs, vitamins, coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter.

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