With Valentine’s Day being just a couple of months away, you need to start planning the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special one in order to avoid the last-minute stress and hassle.

Even though flowers are a popular gift for pretty much all the occasions throughout the year, the demand for flowers goes up more than ever during Valentine’s week and especially on Valentine’s Day. There is nothing that symbolizes love better than red roses. So the perfect bouquet to give to your special one on Valentine’s Day should usually have red roses in it and should be beautiful enough to sweep him or her off the feet.


To help you choose the perfect Valentine’s Day flower bouquet for your special one, we have made a list of six popular red rose bouquets that you can choose from on Bloomsvilla if you want Valentine’s Day flower delivery:


  1. An Evening To Remember

This beautiful flower bouquet consists of 100 fresh red roses along with seasonal fillers in a cane basket. Yes, it will definitely make it an evening to remember if you give it to your special one during Valentine’s Day dinner.


To make it even more special, you can make some small handmade cards to list down the 100 things you love about him or her. Love (and beautiful fragrance) will definitely be in the air!

2. Elegant Roses

Do you want a gift that is romantic, beautiful, and cute? That will make your girlfriend go “aww”? Well, then this red rose bouquet, which is called “Elegant roses” on Bloomsvilla is a perfect choice. It consists of 100 beautiful red rose in an extremely cute basket with a bow.

3. The passion of Red- 50 Red Roses Bouquet

If your budget is a little less for the flowers this Valentine’s Day, you can choose to give this beautiful red rose bouquet consisting of 50 roses for your special one. It’s romantic, beautiful as well as it comes at an extremely reasonable cost. It’s wrapped in a red and white paper wrap and tied with a red ribbon bow.

4. Sweet Red Love- 12 Red Roses Bouquet

If you want to choose a romantic and special gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day, but your budget is below 500, this is the perfect option. It’s extremely classy, irrespective of the fact that it is available at such a reasonable price.

5. Anonymous Love

Valentine’s Day does not always have to be about your partner; it can also be dedicated to your mother, father, grandparents, or anybody who is special in your life. This beautiful pink rose bouquet is perfect to show your love towards them and make them smile. So, if you want to remind them how special they are to you and how much you love them, go Bloomsvilla website and choose “Anonymous Love”

6. Absolute Love- 1000 Red Roses Bouquet

Do you want to give something to your special one on Valentine’s Day that will make him or her speechless? Is your girlfriend “extra” in every way and pretty much lives in a filmy world in her head? If so, she would be expecting you to do something out of the world on Valentine’s Day for her and there is nothing better than this option. This is a premium flower arrangement consisting of 1000 fresh red rose. Yes, a thousand. This will not only put the biggest smile on her face but will also win you the “Best Valentine’s Day gift” award and this is a gift she will never forget.

Celebrate love at every chance you get and in every possible way. Whichever bouquet you choose to give on Valentine’s Day, choose it and give it with love and if you want online flower delivery in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata or any other Indian city on Valentine’s Day, you can choose from our wide variety of online options. We have something for every budget. You can sit from anywhere around the world and place your order; we will deliver fresh beautiful flowers in perfect condition to your loved one to make his or her day special and get you two closer than ever before.


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