Show-Stopping Seasonal Packaging This Christmas

Whatever your age, there is something about unwrapping a beautifully-packaged gift that fills you with childish glee. The excitement builds as your fingers brush the gold-sheened gift tag, the silky ribbon, the slippery cellophane, prolonging the luxurious experience. Special-edition Christmas wrapping gives brands the chance to really stand out on the shelves. I’ve come across some beautiful packaging ideas this season that I’m sure your customers would love to get their hands on this Christmas.

Exquisite Designs

It is always nice to hear the story behind a packaging concept. Booja-Booja’s truffles in their Artist’s Collection come in a stunning papier maché box decorated with intricate illustrations. This Norfolk-based company works with skilled artisans in Kashmir whose traditional box designs have been passed down through generations upon generations of families. The boxes in their Christmas range are both unique and collectable. The result is a gift that is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Classic Christmas Wrapping

There are always some classic, nostalgic packaging designs that work time and again at Christmas. This year Venchi are offering a vintage-style Chocaviar Christmas Book Tin that is sure to be saved and brought out for many Christmases to come, long after all the crème brûlée and crème cacao cubotti chocaviars are gone!

Prestat’s Christmas Chocolate Box – with its rich, red and gold cardboard box, illustrated with a festive fireplace – is a quintessential Christmas staple. Classic seasonal packaging like this is sure to fondly remind customers of the chocolate boxes that were shared around the sitting room on Boxing Day in their childhood home.

A Modern Twist

Baubles, toy chests, stockings and crackers – Christmas offers the opportunity to fill all sorts of festive shapes with delicious treats. Here are some of my favourite modern packaging ideas which think outside the box.

Lily O’Brien’s has a sleek range of Christmas wrapping this year. Their Creamy Caramels Pyramid Tree is simple, elegant and would look stunning on a coffee table in a stylish modern home. Another brand whose contemporary packaging really catches the eye is Monty Bonjangles. Their Tall Crackers full of truffles are bright and beautifully designed, embellished with a sumptuous satin ribbon and a layer of tissue paper hiding the chocolaty surprise inside.

Take a look at the 2016 hf Chocolates Christmas brochure for more brands that are having fun with their Christmas wrapping this holiday season.

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