The success of a handmade jewellery business does not only lie with creating beautiful unique and original designs but the greatest skill is in selling these pieces. As the largest proportion of your customers are going to be women so to increase your profits you need to know how to treat your clients with much care and respect.

If you have been working in this business for any length of time you will know that your target buyer is women and they are not known for making a quick decision on the piece that they are going to buy and they may spend hours before they eventually make the final decision as to which piece of handmade jewellery they purchase. If we want to grow a profitable business and establish a large client base then we need to keep attracting new customers and retain the customers we all ready have so that we grow a loyal following. Here are a few tips for you to follow that can positively help expand your customer base.

Getting known in your area is a great way of starting as there is no better way than word of mouth in promoting your handmade jewellery designs, earrings, pendants, jewellery sets, rings and earrings. Look around to see if there any local craft shows that you can attend or why not invite family, friends and colleagues around for a handmade jewellery party and all you will have to do is display your stunning handmade jewellery designs and hand around some glasses of wine. It could turn out to be a fun and profitable evening for you.

You could donate a gift voucher to a local charity for a raffle price and this will bring someone along to take a look at your handmade jewellery collection and they are sure to spend more than the value of the gift voucher and hopefully they will bring along friend as women love to shop together and hopefully they will become repeat customers.

If you have a store it is very important how you display your jewellery and don’t just pin them to a board and hope that they will look their best. Use your imagination and style to create attractive displays of handmade jewellery and if you have jewellery sets of matching earrings and bracelets or jewellery sets of matching earrings and necklaces display them all together because the customer may have come in with the idea of purchasing a jewellery necklace and go home with the complimenting earrings and bracelet as well.

Make displays of handmade jewellery that are all among the same price range and also create collections that fall into different price ranges as we would all love to own expensive pieces but we cannot all afford these so it is nice to have 3 collections of 3 different price ranges so that you can appeal to different pockets. It is also a good idea to make sure that all your pieces are clearly but discreetly priced so that there is no embarrassment caused if a woman asks the price of a piece and it is too expensive.

Always wear pieces of your own unique and original pieces of handmade jewellery as this is advertising your work and when you are given nice comments about your designs you can hand out your business cards. Another way for you to sell your lovely pieces is for other people to sell your designs on a commission basis as this will save you a lot of time and this saved time you can use to create your own individual and unique designs.

If you are looking for unusual accessories then handmade jewellery should be what you are looking for. There are jewellery sets sold here and these come in a unique collection that also have earrings, bracelets and handcrafted jewellery necklaces sold here and all of these pieces have been designs and handmade in the UK.

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