Say Goodbye To That Bulky Wallet and Hello To A More Impressive You

Men and women have carried large wallets long enough and they aren’t even in fashion anymore. No one wants to be behind a lady at the checkout routing through her wallet to find her credit card or the cash she needs to complete her order, no more than seeing a man with a big bulging billfold sticking out from his pant’s pocket. Neither of these scenarios are impressive, but having a money clip card holder can change all that.

These clever little devices take the urge out of carrying things in your wallet that you don’t need. Really, who needs to carry more than just a couple of credit cards, their identification, maybe a couple of pictures or business cards and some cash. Most likely no one. But the impression that’s left from having an overstuffed wallet or billfold isn’t a positive one. No one’s thinking “Wow, they must be loaded with dough”, they’re just thinking “Eww.” So stop the fashion no-no and invest in a money clip card holder.

These crafty new fashion accessories are available in a variety of styles, colors, and material, to meet the preference of any man or woman in any lifestyle. They’re commonly found in leather and nylon, but there are other materials as well. They all have a clip on the outside of the wallet. You can even find them as slim as a single piece with the clip on one side and a couple of slot holders on the other, making them a great piece to carry in a front shirt or pant’s pocket, instead of the rear of the pants.

Features Of A Money Clip Card Holder

As previously mentioned, there are a number of styles and colors to choose from, and you can also find them with the following features:

Bi and Tri-Fold Styles
Up to 15 slots for holding cards
Photo holders
They can be personalized with monogramming

These features are the reason these little wallets are becoming so popular with women, who want to cut back on what they carry as well. The sleek new designs and large array of colors that a Money clip card holder can be found in are also making a big hit with the ladies.

Although it’s not fashionable to have a bulging wallet, there’s another reason why men shouldn’t carry a fat wallet in his rear pant’s pocket, it can lead to back issues. A fat wallet can apply pressure, when sitting, to the back and buttocks which will cause discomfort and can lead to a misalignment in their back. Not to mention the wear and tear a bulky wallet has on your pants.

You’ll find that a money clip card holder can be found at a variety of retailers, from budget to high end designs. You may find a better bargain shopping online since many markets carry a variety of them as well. Put yourself back in style with one of these crafty essentials, get yours today.

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