Royalhash Is The New King Of Safe And Smart Cryptocurrency Mining

WILMINGTON, DE (September 07, 2020) – Cryptocurrency mining companies are dime a dozen in the market today. But there is barely any company out there that provides not just safe and secure mining of cryptocurrency but is also fast, powerful, global and comes with exciting offers. Hardly any, except one. Royalhash is the name of the cryptocurrency mining company that works not only faster and smarter than every other but is also a much more powerful way to rent or lease crypto currency mining rigs and hashing power.

Royalhash provides its mining services to people from people all over the world without any limitation. They provide limitless possibilities to every single person with easy mining potential. Equipment setup, power and ventilation is the least of worries as it is also taken care of by Royalhash. Using the latest technologies available and state-of-the-art equipment, they provide a multi-layered cloud mining service free of pool costs.

The mining process is also optimized in such a way that bitcoins can be continuously generated twenty four hours a day all seven days of the week. Clients can also set up their own customized mining pool. When this happens, Royalhash automatically configures a miner to mine directly to the mine of the client.

Royalhash also provides exclusive benefits of colocation for the client’s growing business. It provides world class conditioned power using Liebert distribution/isolation units, surge protection, and 208v 3-phase to each PDU. For most efficient mining, Royalhash’s miners run on 208v single-phase. With an abundance of hands-on duty, it helps maintain the client’s ASIC or Rig, repair it, and get it setup, including building the rigs.

What also makes Royalhash different from every other mining colocation facility is that they operate a real data center. It provides ultra-secure access and conditioned power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

“I’m glad with the progress we’ve made so far. Contrary to popular understanding, cryptocurrency mining can be quite a tricky business. Thankfully, Royalhash is currently catering to over 20,000 clients and it’s growing every day at a great pace. There’s nothing more important than assisting them in mining cryptocurrency securely with complete privacy and that is exactly what separates us from everyone else. As the world turns more and more towards cryptocurrency, we’ll be ready with strong experience to serve them in even better ways”, said the founder of Royalhash.

About Royalhash:
Royalhash is a cryptocurrency mining company founded in 2018 that purchases and hosts miners for clients who want to mine bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency using the latest technology guaranteeing absolute security and privacy.

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Author: Rahul Das

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