Revel in Ria Formosa: Active Algarve Adventures for the Whole Family

After arriving at your accommodation in the Algarve via Faro Airport transfer, the best way to begin your family adventure is to head to Ria Formosa. This is an area of stunning natural beauty and is filled with exciting opportunities for activities for all ages. In this picturesque natural park you’ll discover all manner of birds and aquatic life living in the area’s saltwater lagoons. Read on for a list of must-sees.

Ilha Deserta Beach

One of the highlights of your visit to Ria Formosa will undoubtedly be Ilha Deserta Beach. Its name literally means ‘the deserted island’, and you’ll be able to see why as soon as you arrive. This is the quietest and most secluded beach in the Algarve and is a great place for you to unwind, get away from it all and let the kids run wild.


As mentioned earlier, there is no shortage of intriguing wildlife at Ria Formosa. You can enjoy a spot of birdwatching of the local native species, which include pochards, storks and egrets, as well as the migratory species of the spoonbill, flamingo and wigeon. Even the kids will enjoy this – just make it a game to see who can spot each bird first!

Boat Tour

A boat tour is an experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. The natural park’s precious ecosystem is truly a sight to behold, and your tour will combine the area’s stunning nature, wildlife and perfect beaches.

After arriving at Ria Formosa (perhaps even by Faro Airport transfer), you’ll be keen to book the whole family in for a boat tour. Each of the different operators will have their own unique schedule planned, though a typical trip will last around 3-4 hours and will include Ilha Deserta, the Ilha de Culatra and a chance to experience the waterways of this natural park.

How to Get There

The best way to reach the Algarve and to discover an adventure in Ria Formosa is to take a flight into Faro Airport. From there, a Faro Airport transfer is the most convenient and cost-effective way to reach your accommodation.

Remember to book well in advance of your trip – this will give you the peace of mind as you’ll know that your journey will be easy once you arrive in Portugal. A private shuttle will take you from door to door without any hassle, and you’re more than likely to get a driver who will provide a friendly and professional service.

One of the most stunningly gorgeous areas in the Algarve is Ria Formosa Natural Park – and it’s a great place to take the family to boot. One of the highlights of your trip to Portugal is sure to be a boat tour around this area of natural beauty (and a chance to spot some of the native wildlife!).

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