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November 25, 2017: X-rays are an important part of the dental care program. Dental X-ray is mainly designed for diagnostics and also for preventive measures to serve the diagnosis of oral problems. X-rays are a kind of radiation that are totally absorbed by the denser tissue and pass through delicate tissues. As bones and teeth are dense tissues, they absorb these radiations and form an image. Dental handheld X-ray performs various purposes such as glancing at tooth roots, trying to find out cavities, and checking out the condition of a developing tooth. Offering all the advanced and most reliable dental solution is probably not everyone’s specialization.

That is where Raypia comes into the picture. It was set up in 2015 by five professional technical engineers and designers to make the best revolutionary and most effective portable X-ray machines for industrial assessment and dental diagnosis. All portable dental x-ray products make use of the most impressive craftsmanship and state-of-art technology with highly-specialized techniques. Hence, all products are manufactured in-house, which gives the engineers more control over the ultimate products for reliability, dependability and much less expensive. In the highly competitive industry, it is their outstanding customer support and exceptional quality controls that keeps them different from the rest. Raypia is one among the reputable names in the industry and they provide quite a number of industries as well.

A wide array of portable dental x ray machine options is available for you, such as Radica. It was developed to provide you with the best dental solution in dental clinics, far away health care services, field hospitals and animal hospitals and so on. It is designed for easy to use operation and superb performance with best lead cover. It is the most sophisticated dental X-ray machines on the market for dental professionals. The dental X-ray handheld design greatly improves dental radiography speed, convenience, and quality. All the products are of high quality with user friendly design and exceptional performance.

The objective of Raypia, is to develop, manufacture, and market new technologies in the x-ray radiography fields. They want to become well-recognized in the dental, veterinary and industrial sectors as the global leader in innovative, handheld and portable x-ray products. It is their top priority to provide the customers with the top quality, safety, and service in order to ensure ultimate satisfaction. They develop all portable x-ray products of high precision and superior quality with affordable prices.

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Raypia is the producer and manufacturer of a variety of high-quality and dependable portable X-ray products in dental clinics, remote healthcare services, field hospitals and animal hospitals etc. To know more visit

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