Radici Hair Studio Sets New Trend Of Haircut and Hair Colours for Men and Women In 2018

Solana Beach, CA (March 21, 2018) – Radici Hair Studio in Solana Beach, CA has now set a new trend for its hair service. The company provides the reliable service for men and women with a variety of haircut and hair colour treatment. Hence, one can select one of the best haircut and hair colour treatment from the studio. It delivers an extensive range of services in extremely comfortable and friendly manner. Men and women generally look for an admired hair studio through the best decor. The present hair studio is the best in the area as its rates are affordable. This makes the fashion lovers fall in love with stylish haircuts as well as styling options. This, in turn, registers repeat visits to this hair studio. Apart from women, even men can get a trendy haircut from service of Men’s Haircut Del Mar CA.

In addition to being extremely particular about properly maintaining the quality of tools, expertise, and products, Radici Hair Studio also assures the aspect of maintaining enjoyable and friendly ambiance which makes everybody feel greeting in the salon.

When the core team is being inquired about their future plans with reference to expansions, launching of upcoming branches and extending their services, it has suggested that learning and updating with time is not only foreseeable but an opinion that anybody in any business must follow. “I love that the hair studio makes use of organic and natural ingredients, and also it stays away from the use of damaging chemicals such as parabens and sulfates,” says Katie. She also stated that one of the reasons that draw her to the studio was the quality of the hair product. Besides, the hair product used by the studio is found to be useful for hair and its growth.

About Radici Hair Studio:

Radici Hair Studio is an established hair studio in Solana Beach, CA. The company is voted as #1 Salon by “Best of North Coast.” Apart from that, the company ranks high in offering the newest trends as well as hair treatment solutions at present. The studio also features among the topmost favorite air studios of all style enthusiasts in and around the location.

For more information, please visit http://www.radicihairstudio.com/

Media Contact:

Radici Hair Studio
512, Via De La Valle Suite 100
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: 858-461-4644
Email: info@radicihairstudio.com
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