Quirky Gift Ideas for Broadband Enthusiasts

Do you find it increasingly difficult to find the perfect gift for your gadget-loving geek? Do they seem to have every gadget known to man, leaving you few options when it comes to finding them the perfect present? Rather than continue to scour the Internet and local shops for gadgets they have yet to acquire, why not appeal to their geek side and give them quirky broadband gifts instead? Following are just broadband-themed gifts you can consider.

I Heart Broadband

This I Heart Broadband tee shirt from Cafe Press UK will let your favorite geek show off his broadband loving side in style. Made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, this tee is tag-free, so there will never be any scratchy tags making his neck itch. Available in sizes ranging from small to 4XL, this shirt is also available in tall sizes. Sporting a “Slower Traffic Keep Right” logo in addition to the words “I Heart Broadband”, this tee is sure to put a smile on his face.

Death before DSL

If your favorite geek is a coffee drink, this Death before DSL coffee mug from Zazzle UK is sure to be right up his alley. Available in a variety of styles including one that changes colours when hot liquid is added, this mug is perfect for the person that prefers broadband before DSL or dialup. This geek-friendly coffee mug can even be personalized with an image on the opposite side of the “Death before DSL” phrase. Your geek will be reminded of your thoughtfulness each time he takes a swig of his favourite brew.

Had a Life Traded it for Broadband

This “Had a Life Traded it for Broadband” baseball tee shirt pretty much sums up the sentiment many broadband enthusiasts feel about their online time. Available in sizes ranging from small to 2XL, this baseball jersey comes with red, black, or navy blue sleeves. Made from 100% cotton, this tee is likely to become one of his favourites.

iPad Broadband Case

If your gadget loving geek has his own iPad, you can give him his very own personalized broadband iPad case. Sporting phrases like “Free Wireless” or “Future Network Operator”, these iPad cases are available in a wide range of colours. You can even take the personalization a bit further and create your very own case. Whether you opt for a name, a phrase, or an image, giving a personalized gift like this to a gadget lover is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Broadband Hot Spot Baseball Cap

If your fellow loves to wear baseball caps, a broadband hot spot cap is sure to be well received. Available in black or white, this cap is made from brushed cotton so it will be cool and comfortable even on hot days. This cap is adjustable and is also available in a trucker-inspired version.

Get Your Own Wireless Network Bag

If your favourite geek likes to help you carry the groceries home from the corner shop, a “No Parking on this Block Get Your Own Wireless Network” reusable grocery bag is sure to please. Available in cotton canvas, this bags dramatic red logo makes a strong statement. Whether your fellow makes midnight runs for beans and toast ingredients or brown sauce and chips, this geek-friendly bag will always be at his side.

Broadband Boxers

If you are feeling especially daring, you can always opt to give your geek broadband underwear. Available in styles ranging from boxers to thongs, broadband underwear will most definitely make a lasting impression. From thongs sporting the words “I Speak TCP/IP” to boxers with the words “I am the Net” emblazoned across them, you are sure to earn a smile when you give your geek broadband-themed underwear.

These are just a few of the quirky ideas you can consider for your Internet enthusiast. Whether you opt for a safer gift like a tee shirt or coffee mug or you throw caution to the wind and opt for broadband boxers, your thoughtfulness and attention to detail will not be overlooked. Just be careful with this type of giving though as you will likely have to top your efforts next year.

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