Public Speaking

There are very few people who are naturally comfortable speaking in public. Those that know the secrets to public speaking appear confident and in command of their audience because they have done it more than once and they have learned a few things along the way. Most people will not be flawless public speakers on their first try, it takes practice, experience and knowing the secrets to public speaking that make the experience much less painful and easier to do as time goes on.

If you find yourself faced with the prospect of having to speak to a group of people that you dont know very well or at all for that matter, the anticipation might leave you in a cold sweat and with a rock in your stomach. It doesnt have to be that way if you prepare yourself with a few secrets to public speaking beforehand. They are the things that can get you started and make you feel more comfortable until you realize that it is not as bad as you thought. The first thing is to make absolutely sure that you are prepared and to know in depth what you are talking about. Chances are if you were asked to speak about a subject, the person that asked you has confidence in your knowledge and expertise. The key on your part is to be well prepared with not only what you are going to say, but with any anticipated questions that might arise. Even if you are an expert in your field, think about what resources helped you to get where you are and be willing to share them if possible. You dont have to have all the answers but you should be able to tell where to get them. One of the easiest to discover secrets to public speaking is to be completely prepared so that you dont have to think under stress.

Project confidence in your posture and in your body language and your audience will have more confidence in what you are saying. Stand up straight, speak loudly and clearly and look at your audience. Dont be looking down and fiddling with your hair or clothing while you are talking, that will be distracting and will detract from what you are saying. One of the biggest secrets to public speaking that many people make the error of doing is to speak too quickly and not allow pauses between words and ideas. When you take your time, people will understand you better and will feel more relaxed listening to you.

If you feel that these things are beyond what you can coach yourself into doing, you can always take a course or hire someone to work with you for a period of time. Someone that knows all the secrets to public speaking and is willing to teach them to you can be an invaluable resource until you develop enough confidence to venture off on your own. It may take several months and lots of different engagements to feel comfortable but before long, you will know the secrets to public speaking that will put you at ease in front of any crowd.

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