Pro Tool Industries 284 Woodman’s Machete.

This is an awesome bill hook styled machete. The shape of the blade itself would garner a lot of attention straight away. The bill hooked blade design has the ability to basically cut through anything the user may swing at. Stubborn vegetation, branches, vines, just about anything. Out of the box, the buyer gets a knife that has a 10.5 inch bill hooked blade that is 1/8th inch thick. The knife has a weight of 1.4 pounds. The blade is made of high carbon steel and has a hardness of C47 on Rockwell. Handle is 5 inches in length, and has a soft leather grip.

Pro Tool Industries 284 Woodman’s Knife

An excellent tool to take on camping trips. This machete has no trouble at all cutting branches that are 1.5 inches thick. Razor sharp with the high carbon steel blade, one swing of the tool is all it takes to lop those branches off. Fire wood or shelter making material will be no problem at all to gather.

The machetes handle was not left to chance. Pro Tool gave a handle that is 5 inches long, and can be gripped easily regardless of hand size. The knuckle guard is excellent and offers extra protection when making cuts, and adds extra stability as well. The handle is covered in a very soft military styled leather, and is quite comfortable at the grip. The knife stays in the hand well, and does not slip even when wet. So this machete is good for use in all climate conditions.

This machete has the versatility to be used as a knife or more in the style of an axe. You can use it to clear trails, clear brush, chop down tree branches, and more. It’s designed also for stripping branches of material to ready a branch for use in shelter building, or for another purpose. Farmers, woodsmen, and hedge layers are said to use such knives in their trade, and it is easy to see why.

Take some time out to read up a bit on this type of knife and it’s many uses around the world, especially in Europe where this type of machete is still considered a can not live with out tool today. Then read some reviews regarding Pro Tools products in addition to this item specifically.

This Pro Tool Industries 284 is built to last, and to give the buyer years of great service around the property, in the field, or out in the bush.

Highly Recommended.


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