Preventing and treating male hair loss

Most people consider hair loss among men to be a natural part of life but there are many times when it becomes a cause of concern. The effect of hair loss has a greater impact than what normally happens in women and as a result many men are on the lookout for prevention and treatment of male hair loss. Hair loss affects men more than it does women and the results are normally more apparent. In most cases men experience total hair loss that almost always leads to baldness.

Perhaps the most important difference between the way men and women deal with hair loss is the perspective they give it. While men lose more hair than women, it is women who get most affected by hair loss. Men may have learned to take male hair loss in its stride because inmost cases society considers bald and clean shaven men to be stylish and even sexy. This is the reason why advertisers of male products almost always employ pictures of bald men in their magazine covers as well as billboards.

For those men who wonder what the cause of male hair loss really is, the answer is simply to be found in your bloodstream in the name of androgens. These are male sex hormones that circulate liberally in your bloodstream but due some unknown reasons they affect the hair follicles by causing them to shrink. As these follicles continue to shrink, they eventually become too minute such that no hair can grow through them anymore.

There are different ways of preventing male hair loss which include:
Herbal treatment: There are a number of herbal products that can be used in the prevention of male hair loss and they include extracts of herbs such as nettles, horsetail, rosemary as well as saw palmetto.

Dietary change: A simple observation will show you that male baldness appears to be more prevalent in some areas as opposed to others and as a result it is suspected that diet has an important role to play.

Low fat diet: Prevention of hair loss in men can be achieved if men took on a low fat diet. Men who eat lots of high fat and meat based diets they raise the level of testosterone in their blood and this contributes to hair loss.

Give up smoking: Cigarette smoking has also been found to be a silent killer of hair follicles, on top of the many other negative effects of cigarette smoking. The poison in cigarette smoke are causes small blood capillaries to contract and this prevents nutrient rich blood from reaching the hair follicles thereby inhibiting hair growth.

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