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Know Where You Fall in The Running Category

When you set foot on a running track, you should have an inkling of what type of course you are taking part. Recovery runs are relatively made for novices. Half marathons are suited for advanced runners, while full marathon is best run by professionals and athletes.

It’s true that knowing your running course will tell you how to train for a marathon. But also, knowing thyself is a key component in sensing what type of training you should undergo. Here are some individuals that you can encounter during the race period.

The Weight-Conscious Runner

Jeff has been a passionate runner for years. He was originally attracted to running because he was worried of his bulking up stature. Worse, at his short height of 5 feet and 3 inches, he appears more like an obese kid than an undersized adult.

Though he’s still carrying some weight, his nonstop participation in running has slowly reduced his burden. He also added that he loves the shirt that comes with participating.

Jeff is a weight-conscious runner.

The Middle Men

Patrick, like Jeff has also been joining marathons, and has two significant races under his belt. But unlike Jeff, Patrick has a respectable body weight proportional to his tall height.

Patrick is part of the marathon runners who finish the circuit in 4 to 5 hours. He comes to the races in mix-and-match outfit and or at times wears no shirt at all. Being a middle man has a lots of perks – including having the workout without exactly taxing out your lungs.

The Classic Runner

Audrey loves running. She says she performs this a lot and is a time for herself, away from the busy workplace and family responsibilities. Being a mother of two isn’t a hurdle in joining long races. She happily recalls that she was able to run and lose some pounds even during her critical childbearing stage.

These are the typical people you can encounter in a marathon race. But don’t generalize them categorically – there’s still more to a person than just labels. Remember, that joining this sport is a big pleasure whatever your motivations are.Are you interested in learning how to train for marathon? Get expert advices to improve your endurance and stamina in the running course. Grab a copy of Marathon Training Schedules. This article is copyright protected.


Author: Lichen Mathis