Planning a Trip to Méribel? Take Our Ski Advice

A typical Méribel ski season welcomes thousands of skiers of varying expertise but invariably with Olympic aspirations. Hailed as one of the best winter resorts in the French Alps, it offers conditions perfectly tailored to all skiers’ specific skiing requirements. Its 150 km of pistes alone have a good proportion of blue and red tracks, but visitors shouldn’t overlook the green and black ones, of course.

Altiport offers beginners the perfect setting to put on their skis for the first time and feel confident while gliding down gentle slopes. Blue runs for intermediates are accessed through Mottaret. The resort also sports a good range of facilities and slopes suitable for very young enthusiasts.

While spoiled for choice in Méribel, ski-lovers will be delighted to know that its long stretches of pistes are but a fraction of the total ski trails the region offers. An even more exciting piece of information is that the resort is comfortably connected to a total of 600 km of runs in the giant Three Valleys region. One can easily spend an entire skiing vacation without seeing the same track twice.

This vast stretch of routes comprises about 100 red and 30 black runs for seasoned skiers. A special challenge for intermediates is the 1992 Olympic Women’s Downhill Course. Along with an exhilarating experience, skiers get a supreme sense of accomplishment from having dived down the same run as renowned world champions.

For a thrill equivalent to that of riding a roller coaster, skiing moguls is also a prime attraction here. With adrenaline pumping in your veins, you take swerves and make leaps you never imagined yourself capable of while narrowly escaping various other bumpy obstacles.

Spoiled for choice as tourists are among the hundreds of kilometres of runs in Méribel, the ski challenges on offer are not confined solely to the beaten tracks. Adventurous souls will find plenty of off-piste options. Ski down the breath-taking Mont Vallon and you’ll find yourself wondering whether to pay close attention to the sharp manoeuvring of the skis, or to the gorgeous vistas which spread out before your incredulous eyes.

If you prefer to take your time contemplating beautiful sights, rather than diving past them at break-neck speed, there are also 25 kilometres of cross-country trails. The terrain is suitable for people of any expertise and treats the eye to inspiring views of the surrounding area.

One of the numerous attractions of the resort is its suitability for skiers of any expertise and skill. Its great variety of well-groomed pistes is a source of thrill and pleasure for anyone wearing skis. The only things required for an ultimate Méribel ski adventure are a passion for snow and an active thrill-seeking spirit.

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Author: Desiree Michels