Photon Communications Adds New Order Management Tools To Its Online Electrical Store

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Photon Communications & Electrical Supply Co. has optimized its online electrical store with new order management tools for customers to track, record, and monitor all their online shopping activities. The firm deals in electrical and data-com products in its home county of Chester.

A few weeks ago, Photon Communications surprised its customers by unveiling a fully fledged online store. The electrical and communications firm had just finished refurbishing its website a few days earlier before revealing the new online shop. The store is easily accessible under the “Catalog/Store” tab on the company’s website and it came with a fully secure shopping cart. The online cart was also well furnished with all the basic functional features including an “Add to Cart” button next to every product, an “Update Quantities” button to refresh and confirm the order before checkout, and a “Proceed to Checkout” button for billing and shipping details. All these features have been working splendidly since the store was launched. And now Photon Communications has added new innovative features to the portal.

In the “Account” section after login, Photon Communications has added a “View Order History” and a “View Account Details” link. Customers will now be able to maintain and access full financial records showing all their online business transactions with the company. All order details including any returns, shipping delays, or any other order-related issues are also recorded and archived for future reference. This means that all online customers will now be able to view all their business dealings with Photon Communications just by logging in to their accounts. Not to mention that all these records are again backed up in the user’s registration email.

Photon Communications is an electrical and communications dealer based in WEST GROVE, Pennsylvania. The company celebrated its 17th birthday earlier this year marking over one and a half decades of exemplary service delivery in the Electrical & Communications Industry. According to the company’s website, the current President/CEO Emma Raner founded Photon Communications in 2000 with one business mission in mind: “To assist our customers in maintaining their edge by providing outstanding customer service and top quality products at a fair market price.” With “over 90 years of experience in the electrical/communication’s fields,” the firm provides a wide range of electrical and telecom “products and services designed to meet your needs from material distribution to complete supply chain management.” The latest innovative enhancements to its online store prove how much Photon Communications is committed to its founding principles of excellence, quality, and overall customer satisfaction.

Company: Photon Communications & Electrical Supply Co.
Address: 27 Commerce Boulevard # 1, West Grove, PA 19390
Phone: (855) 878-1919
Email: [email protected]

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