Peaceful Resolutions Announces Course, Parenting during a Pandemic, To Support Parents And Teachers Connect With Children

Peaceful Resolutions is proud to announce their online course titled “Parenting During a Pandemic”. The Global pandemic has changed the world and the way we live. Parents and teachers need better ways to connect with children to help them grow into responsible adults.

The” Parenting During A Pandemic “, online course will help parents and teachers to understand the new normal and find ways to connect with their children. It comes with practical guide to develop emotional intelligence and communication.

It’s an excellent teaching aid that parents will find very useful in helping them prepare their children for the up and coming summer and school year. The author of the course, X’ernona Woods, is a professional with many years of experience in the field of parenting and working with scholars and parents.

The course is offered towards schools, making it a great opportunity for the Parent Teacher Association and Local School Council to provide further parental enrichment.

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In the past decade, Peaceful Resolutions have worked with scholars and parents to receive life rewarding breakthroughs that will serve them for a life time. They help people explore and become aware of reactionary behaviors and methods to become enlightened. Children are taught to discover the depth of their emotions and feelings, using it to serve them to learn more about themselves as well as their peers.

There are so many benefits to enrolling to this course. Parents will find a peaceful and convenient way to distress and improve their quality of life. Less stress may lead to better mood, increased energy, and quality sleep. It’s also a huge opportunity to connect with the children, especially in these hard times of global pandemic and uncertainty.

Parenting During a Pandemic course will afford everyone the opportunity to develop new ways to manage their attitude. Improved behaviors can open doors for growth, discovery, and development. Self-improvement is also vital and that’s also something kids and parents will benefit from this course.

With schools closing and so much panic everywhere, children are also feeling the heat. Through this course, parents are going to learn and understand the new sets of needs and wants of their children. Also, the importance of “Me Time” is also going to be discussed.

The Parenting During a Pandemic is not only educative but also enlightening. Parents will find the information fresh and highly effective in learning how to provide guidance and emotional support for their children.

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Author: Rahul Das

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