Pain Relief

One of the easiest expressions of the body to understand, more than an itch, hiccups, a sneeze or fatigue, is pain. Wherever it occurs from the top of the head to the soles of the feet, its occurrence is generally immediate and attention-grabbing. “Hey!” the body says, “Dont do that.”

Fortunately, in this regard, the body is very seldom wrong. Whether we have stubbed a toe or a finger, burned fingers on a hot stove, grabbed a piece of dry ice, pricked a finger with a needle, poked an eye, dislocated an elbow or broken a bone, or a myriad of other daily activities that cause immediate pain, the body is telling us we should cease and desist. We usually pay attention.

Never the less, we manage to do some stupid things multiple times, or, we remember the pain of the experience once and never repeat it. Regardless, the next immediate thought after the “Ow!” and the “Dont do that!” is the thought that we must find a way to relieve the pain “Now!”

Sometimes, there is nothing to be done. Stabbing a finger with a needle has little recourse other than to wait it out, suck on the finger (although this has little in the way of medical science to prove its effectiveness; its just a natural reaction) and hope for relief to come soon.

Some pain, such as a sunburn, will have immediate relief, even if the effects of the exposure last for days. An application of a cold cream, or an over-the-counter ointment sold just for that purpose, will usually offer immediate relief. And the cure against a repeat performance, a preventative measure, may be right next to the sunburn cream; a tube or bottle of sun block.

Headaches are probably the most frequent pain we suffer. Some headaches are stress related, some are an allergic reaction, some are cause by trauma and some have no known cause. They all hurt and they all demand relief. An over-the-counter medication is the usual pain relief applied. Sometimes they work but often they take a while for the effects to ease and eliminate the pain. In the meantime, almost nothing else matters.

Finally, severe pain needing professional medical or chiropractic treatment is the usual result of any trauma from a tooling accident injuring a finger to an automobile or accidental fall. As long as medical care can be accessed quickly, pain relief can usually follow just as quickly while treatments of other trauma effects are addressed.

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