Overhead Doors – Great for Your Garage and Other Establishments

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Overhead doors are often mistaken as simply a garage door. It is true that overhead doors have long been used in garages, but at present its use is not limited to only one purpose. Though the maximum use is still in garages, many businesses are using overhead door in their commercial establishments. There was a time when swing type doors were popular in garages and commercial spaces. The modern overhead door has replaced it. This door can work both manually or mechanically. The process of garage door installation is very easy and they allow easy access for your vehicle.

Different types of overhead door design are available. Some popular types are roll over type, sectional type and tilt up type. Overhead doors are constructed from different materials like steel, aluminum, wood and fiberglass. Steel doors are very popular as they are inexpensive, easy to install and very durable. Aluminum is popular in areas that have inclement weather conditions, for example, coastal regions. These doors can withstand natural conditions like rust and corrosion. Fiberglass doors are slowly becoming popular as overhead doors. Though it is bit more expensive than others, it is also very durable and strong. Traditional wooden garage overhead doors are also still in use because of pricing and aesthetic factors. But these are not very much durable and have to be maintained regularly. One other factor that has made these new overhead doors popular is that it is very easy to do garage door repair.

The commercial uses of overhead garage doors are increasing due to a number of vital advantages.

Easy to use:
Commercial overhead doors are very easy to use and this makes them a top choice. Sensing the rise of popularity of commercial doors, manufactures are coming up with new designs and functionality for these doors.

Very easy to install and repair:
If you compare them to other types of commercial or garage doors, you will see that the installation process of overhead doors is very simple. All you need is a certified professional who will be able to put it in place in short time. You also will not have to worry in case of a malfunction because overhead door repair is not a very difficult task.

Comes with Warranties and are affordable:
Overhead doors are available for purchase almost everywhere. With the increasing popularity the prices are coming down and the doors are becoming more and more affordable. All major manufacturers are also offering warranties. Having such a great price and good warranty makes the purchase of commercial overhead garage door almost impossible.

Offers both functionality and good looks:
Overhead doors are all about functionality. But that does not mean, they look dull or unattractive. Manufacturers are bringing out new designs and patterns. So along with enhanced features, these doors also offer a style statement.

Flexible for Diverse Commercial Uses:
These commercial overhead garage doors are so versatile and flexible they can be used in many commercial establishments, including warehouses, auto repair shops, factories, shipping docks. If you are an owner of a business, look out for ways you can use overhead door.

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