Organizing and Managing Your Online Job Search

The job-seeking period can be made less stressful if you stay organized to manage your online job search. There is no doubt that you will have loads of cover letters and resumes as you have to make a fresh one for every different job application. Frankly, you must know that you have to put only the most significant information about your experience relate to the particular job. Never let any extraneous information or information not related to that particular job show up in any way in the resume.

Sometimes, it may happen that you have to create as many as twenty or thirty plus resumes and cover letters that you have sent to various jobs the last month. Here is the catch, once you get the call for an interview how will you be able to remember accurately what you told this company about – yourself, your experience, and talent and why you are interested in this particular job. So, what do you do? Go through all the applications one by one to find that particular one. That would be really tiresome and boring to dig in the well of resumes to find the one you want.

This is where the organizing and managing steps in. Label and segregate all your applications date wise. To start with, make it a habit to always:
Make sure that your email account saves all sent mails.
When emailing applications always BCC yourself.
Save the local copies pertaining to the files of your job materials by naming and dating them. Additionally, provide them with name of the employer and the job position applied.

This way you will save your time in locating particular application. Therefore, once you get a call for a particular job you can easily pull out the file and review them before the interview.

As well, for those applications where you have to use the employer’s website you can make sure that you have copied the questions or answers your – .doc file so that you have a copy of everything that you have written in the online application file.

There is no doubt that job searching is much harder for new entrants like the recent graduates. As entry-level employee, you need not worry about differentiating yourself for a particular job slots a particular kind of candidate. The advantage you have is that you can easily apply to different types of jobs and reap the benefit of more jobs overall. However, at the same time, it will make your job-hunting process a huge effort requiring you to generate a great amount of description for different types of jobs. You will need to write customized resumes and cover letters, as well as application materials that you are not able to use again.

 Mohit is a writer and business marketing manager at SubmitResume is a job search engine that allows job seekers to upload resumes and employers free job postings.



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