On The Maps Teams Up With The Shade Tree To Launch New Female Empowerment Movement

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On The Maps (OTM), a Las Vegas digital marketing company, has launched a joint campaign with The Shade Tree to help empower women throughout the state of Nevada. The joint project is primarily aimed at homeless women and sufferers of abusive relationships. Its mission statement is to provide women with the tools and confidence needed to regain financial independence. In turn, this will allow them to break free from their current and past problems.

For all its glitz and glamor, the city’s homelessness figures are well publicized. While it is an issue that affects both sexes, women in the area are particularly vulnerable to falling into dangerous situations. For many, the escape routes seem blocked off. The new movement endeavors to change that for hundreds of unfortunate females in the areas.

The digital marketing company is run by a passionate team of Vegas residents. The firm has cited the campaign as a chance to give back to the area while supporting the women that have undeservedly found themselves in poverty. The company has expressed huge delight in having the opportunity to work with The Shade Team’s experienced care providers.

OTM’s pride in delivering great results in the world of digital marketing saw the company named as one of the top agencies of 2017 by Clutch. That commitment to serve people with a fresh approach to innovation and client care should translate well into the new project.

Meanwhile, The Shade Tree provides emergency shelter as well as temporary shelter for families and women. The company already runs a Workforce Readiness Program, along with a Life Skills venture. Powered by the passion and digital integrity of OTM, the new campaign is set to provide life-changing lessons to many people.

In an increasingly digital world, the marketing team’s input ensures a level of relevance that is sure to benefit everyone involved. The fact that the two companies have announced desires to work closely in a bid to offer a campaign that improves lives from all angles is key. And it shows a level of commitment that communities in Vegas can get excited about.

The campaign will consist of various workshops aimed to inspire and educate women that need support on the road to recovery. Moreover, the project promises to help individuals find employment opportunities. This is a huge step to help them regain a sense of control over their finances and lifestyles. The mid-term future of the movement will also include training in a realm of useful and practical skills-related fields.

Going forward, the two companies aim to extend their support to other demographics within the local community. Amongst other initiatives, several volunteer schemes aimed to teach people how to start and run their own businesses are in the works.

For the immediate future, though, OTM and The Shade Tree will focus primarily on the females currently trapped in a place of destitution.

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