Oh, My Aching Back

Sometime or another, most of us utter this expression, which is almost as common as the generic expression, “Ow!” when we have done something that causes instant pain. Many physicians, in diagnosing pain, will review our medical history and will observe that our habitual physical exercise may cause chronic pain in our shoulders or knees or back. The well-meaning physician will offer a benign and sometimes irritating treatment solution: “Dont do that.”

Its one thing if the activity causing the pain is exercise; we might easily find a different exercise that will offer the same benefit without causing the pain. However, if the pain results from activity we habitually perform at work, we must either find a different position to fill in the same company and industry and that may be difficult to achieve — or look and potentially train for a different career. That is usually more difficult to achieve. “Dont do that” may be an impossible dream.

All that said, we are so conditioned to finding a cause of pain and suffering at the location where the pain is exhibited, our self-diagnosis is likely to completely miss the objective. Sometimes, without a holistic approach, not in terms of “new age” or non-Western style medicine, but rather in terms of considering the whole body as a bio-mechanical machine of many integrated systems, even a competent physician may ignore that the focus of pain may not be the origin of the pain.

“Oh, my aching back” may have its painful source somewhere else.

Sometimes, it is necessary to travel upstream from the location of pain to find its source, much like finding that brackish, contaminated water downstream is caused by a dead animal in the water upstream.

However, in the case of back pain, if the source of pain is not due to stress of the muscles or skeletal structure of the back, as it often is, the investigation for diagnosis and treatment must take its course upstream, which, in the case of the back, may be directionally downstream: to the feet by a foot doctor.

It is now well appreciated that the feet convey many answers to conditions of pain and disease throughout the body. This is not magic, black or otherwise, and it is not to be dismissed only because it may not make sense.

The fact is, the body is a systemic creature. It is a marvelously simple, chemically and electrically complicated machine whose nervous system, the means by which signals of command to peripheral structures and signals of response from the same structures, progress through the spine.

We spend most of our waking lives with our feet constantly in touch with the world, even through shoes, standing, walking, running, jumping and sitting. The physical stresses on the body often occur first in the feet, so it should be no surprise that detrimental conditions affecting the body may occur first in our feet, even if the expression of excess stress pain does not occur there.

Very often, pain is expressed in the back, but the physician may need to look down to find the source.For more information, please visit: Foot Doctor Phoenix

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