Northern Property Investment Experts Prepare To Embrace New North/South Divide

Ainsworth Lord Estates, a specialist property firm based in and around East Lancashire, are preparing to embrace the sudden change to the UK housing market. The firm offer a range of different property services, and will be keen to help curious customers who are responding to the sudden change in property attitudes in the UK.

What’s happened

The UK’s housing market has always had a north/south divide. Primarily, properties in the northern half of the country have been more affordable than properties in the south. In particular, London and the south east have always been the regions with higher prices.

However, recent research has revealed that the fortunes are changing— literally. London and south east properties have fallen by as much as 15% in the last year. In the northern parts of the country, the property market is booming.

Banking on Blackburn

Blackburn, which is serviced by Ainsworth Lord Estates, is now the fastest-growing housing market in the UK. House prices in Blackburn have risen over 16% in the last 12 months, meaning the area is becoming increasingly attractive to investors.

Ainsworth Lord Estates have long been aware of the potential benefits to investing in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Company owner Paul Ainsworth Lord found that the average monthly profit for Darwen Property Owners was £393.35 per month over the last 20 years. This, and the recent national figures, make a solid case for investment in the north-west.

About Ainsworth Lord Estates

Ainsworth Lord Estates are an experienced team of property specialists, and are well-equipped to help new buyers and investors who may be attracted to the north-west due to the recent figures. Ainsworth Lord Estates offers a variety of property-related services, including:

– Commercial property for sale and rent
– Mortgage advice
– Conveyancing
– Auctions
– Landlord services, such as tenant management, viewings, and marketing of rental properties
– Lettings

This range of services allows for a complete service to potential investors who are newly interested in Blackburn and the surrounding areas. Given that Ainsworth Lord Estates is an award-winning estate agent with an active presence in the community, potential new investors could not be better served.

As well as the frontrunner of Blackburn, Ainsworth Lord Estates also provide their services to the surrounding areas. As the only independent estate agent providing services in Darwen and East Lancashire, Ainsworth Lord Estates have the established knowledge of the region to ensure their customers receive the best possible service.

Ainsworth Lord Estates is owned by local people, helping to reinforce the strong links to the community. The company is owned by Paul and Deborah Ainsworth Lord, who live in Darwen, as do the members of their experienced team. For an investor new to the area, this local knowledge is undoubtedly of huge benefit. All in all, Ainsworth Lord Estates are more than capable of capitalising on the new north/south divide.

Any queries regarding Ainsworth Lord Estates should be directed to Paul Ainsworth Lord, who can be contacted by phone on 01254 760660.

Paul Ainsworth
Company: Ainsworth Lord Estates
Address: Lord Ainsworth Lord Estates, 49 Market Street, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 1PS, UK
Phone: 01254 760660


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