New website offers different funding possibilities for property developers

Anyone looking to invest in real estate knows it takes capital to get off the ground. For some, the initial investment is simply too steep to cover, and they are left wanting to start with nothing to show for it.

Property Finance Partners has the solution for anyone looking for development finance. With a full range of options for property finance, they can help anyone finance their real estate dreams and make them a full reality.

Professional property finance means local understandings of the real estate industry. This means London and most of the surrounding areas.

“We take pride in being available for various investors who are seriously looking for assistance in their development finance. Our investment capital options mean the best solutions for anyone who is looking for real estate development, upgrades and the like. We want to see success, and with local representatives, it is very possible to secure a lucrative loan for your specific needs,” said Hanan Shapira of Property Finance Partners

The new website offers plenty of information for property developers, builders, investors and landlords to make to most informed decision before seeking development finance.

“We knew that our partners would need as much information as possible. This is why we re-launched our website with updates and a new page of a few FAQ’s. This way even those who are new in the property finance industry can be certain of their decisions. Investment capital poses some risks, and we want our partners to be 100 percent certain before asking for any development finance assistance,” continued Shapira.

The website also features a blog. The blog will have plenty of informative, easy to read pieces on various topics related to different types of property finance and development finance. Visitors are encouraged to read the blog regularly.

More information, including how to apply for property finance, is available on the website at Property Finance Partners


Hanan Shapira
Company: Property Finance Partners
Address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX, UK
Phone: 020-3393-9277



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