New multi platform and multi deep-link insertion Directory

Multi-platform insertion Directory: 15 directories in different servers, providing till 14 deep links, with each title, description and image, all totally editable from the client is launching in Winter 2012/13 a strong SEO tool: Multi insertion platform, composed by 15 different directories.
Each multi-insertion has unlimited text description capacity and allows till 14 deep links per insertion, also providing with 14 150×150 pixels images.
The multi-platform Hemisfera, in autumn 2012 is running from servers located in Spain, Argentina and Singapore. In Winter 2012/13 each directory should be running through diversificated IP Servers allowing stronger PR consistence to the Hemisferas clients
The domains used in this platform are: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
The multi-insertion platform allows an automatic insertion in those mentioned directories with only one insertion process in the page:
In this insertion process, our clients could insert an unlimited description text capacity and till 14 deep links to the inner clients page
In the reference page: you can see an insertion example to our sister company Hemisfera Solutions, SL, providing 14 deep links, including its own 150x150px image, deep-link title and description
Our client fulfills the form and deliver us the pictures.
We process the insertion and provide to our client with a file that should be uploaded to the clients web server
The 15 directories link to the same files, placed in the clients web.
Thus means that our clients could edit each deep-link under their own needs and its own calendar.
When the platform should be completed, each client could benefit with 14×15=  210 adds from only one process.
Once the multi-platform were established, the insertion fee should be done by Paypal with the well-known operation conditions of this payment platform. When it remains in Beta, the cost is free against a reciprocal-link to us from a PR2 page, as minimum.
The insertions in the Hemisfera multi-platform directory must be -for honest purposes- in the normal standards of no porn, legal descriptions, not political hate, etc
We can build additions yearly renewed or time-life.
Geographical segmentation:
Hemisfera platform directories have a deep geographical details, in order to provide to our clients perfect geographical parameters.

Our directories cover all English speaking countries, divided in regions or states and finally in towns. Every submission brings town/state/country detail and can include physical address, telephone, etc. have great presence in India, being in October 2012 in 7,000 position in India / Alexa rank

We offer insertions in United States, state by state, and reaching each town in the corresponding state.
Specific sub-directories for Germany, France, Austria Spain and Italy are provided in each own idiom available. We offer in English idiom insertions in the Netherlands Directory
The directory covers all Latin American countries, distributed in each significant town.
Mention in our 15 directories index page:
Could foresee that in some of our directories should appear mention directly since the index page

Joan Olivé works as Internet, Web, Marketing consultant in Barcelona. The starting in the Search Engine Optimization is done initially through the Global Business, Professional and Commerce Directory Other directories in the platform, but running from diferentiated servers are: and

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